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"Not Your Typical New Year's Resolutions"

Dear Bay Center Women Friends,

For several years I have read various articles/class offerings by Lynn Jericho. During December she is addressing the "Inner Advent" with several reflections suggested: 

  1. recollect the outer circumstances and events that impacted my inner life; 
  2. reflect on my inner life and the thoughts, feelings and deeds that emerged and evolved in my soul;
  3. reflect on the truth, beauty and goodness appearing in my soul in 2018. 

While I won't be using Jericho's materials, I will be pondering each topic, aware of how events in our country/world affect us, and curious about my own response and intentions for 2019. Rather than adding one more thing to December, I'm converting these to New Year's musings. I will lead a small group of women (6-8) who will commit to sincere exploration of these topics. Each will need to commit to attending/participating in all three sessions, and be vulnerable to "soul work."

Jane Cutler

In order to maximize group participation, registration will be limited to the first eight women who enroll in this vision.

Kindly reply directly to jane.park.cutler@gmail.com.