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Classes and Programs

"Empowerment Breath Circle"

The circle will include: 
Intention meditation
Teaching of connected breathing technique
A full 1 hour breathwork session
Discussion about breathwork as a practice
Tea, fruit & nuts

Bad breathing habits can literally make you sick. They can deny your body of the oxygen it needs and leave you vulnerable to illness and stress. Conscious breathing can bring awareness and intention to breathing deeply while using all the respiratory muscles and systems your body came with. It can also leave you feeling more alive, more awake and empowered!  

A Breath Circle is an active meditation that will gently return you into the source of who you are. This breathing technique opens the flow of universal energy into your body so that you can clear out old, stuck, negative energy. Enjoy the feeling of lightness and freedom that self-healing brings. 

What old patterns are you ready to weed out? What seeds of self-love are you willing to water and nurture to grow? We create a safe space for people to open up and let go of what is no longer serving them. This practice uses breath to empower shifts of new awareness.  With the use of visualizations, music, aromatherapy, we provide the container for you to journey into yourself.